• "More than 3 million South Africans are owed more than R45 billion in unpaid benefits from
    retirement funds they have left already"
  • "You could also be owed monies from unclaimed benefits owed to deceased relatives"
  • "Surplus monies exist in hundreds of funds and are owed to former members who left
    the fund as long ago as 1981"

About Us

UnclaimedBenefits.co.za has been developed by Benefit Exchange SA (BenX) and is a free service dedicated to enabling former members of South African retirement funds to receive any unclaimed benefits or unpaid surplus monies due to them. BenX has also contracted with The Data Factory to provide call centre support services.

The Data Factory has been awarded the coveted Tracing Agent of the Year award from the Principal Officers’ Association for three consecutive year.

  • The matching service has a database of over 350,000 individuals still owed unpaid benefits with an average 10,000 additional unclaimed benefits being added to our database every month.
  • With an average unpaid benefit of almost R7,000, most benefits will be at least over R1,000. We are fully aware of the suspicion that is often aroused through promises of money and requiring the submission of personal information and assure you that all personal information is treated with the appropriate confidentiality and security.
  • The explosive growth of the internet has also spawned phishing scams and yet there are valid reasons and benefits for utilizing the internet to reach individuals. To this end, UnclaimedBenefits.co.za is utilizing social media to extend its reach. Through referrals from individuals that you know, we hope to address the aforementioned concerns.