• "More than 3 million South Africans are owed more than R45 billion in unpaid benefits from
    retirement funds they have left already"
  • "You could also be owed monies from unclaimed benefits owed to deceased relatives"
  • "Surplus monies exist in hundreds of funds and are owed to former members who left
    the fund as long ago as 1981"

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Neither UnclaimedBenefits.co.za, BenX or The Data Factory will respond to emailed requests to search for possible unclaimed benefits due. This is due to the high volume of searches that are performed and the need to automate the searches. Therefore, you will need to register on our service. So please do NOT email us with queries whether a specific fund has unclaimed benefits or provide details (either yours or a relative) in an email.

By registering you will automatically be notified by email whether your details or a person whom you have registered has been matched to existing unclaimed benefits or unpaid surplus monies.

In addition, you will be notified as soon as your registered details do match any future unclaimed benefits that are placed into active tracing.

Email: info@unclaimedbenefits.co.za

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