• "More than 3 million South Africans are owed more than R45 billion in unpaid benefits from
    retirement funds they have left already"
  • "You could also be owed monies from unclaimed benefits owed to deceased relatives"
  • "Surplus monies exist in hundreds of funds and are owed to former members who left
    the fund as long ago as 1981"

The Service

  • Anyone can register and it is FREE.
  • You can register friends and relatives. This also applies to deceased
relatives as you may qualify to receive a payment.
  • If you are a next of kin, spouse, parent or sibling of a deceased member you could qualify to be the beneficiary of an unclaimed benefit.
  • If deceased former members pass away before the surplus apportionment date they will not qualify, but when they passed away after the surplus apportionment date their beneficiaries will qualify.

By leveraging the power of the internet and social media, UnclaimedBenefits.co.za is able to reach individuals who have emigrated or tend to be very mobile, making for contact-ability problems. The service also enables children and relatives to assist elderly family members in receiving benefits due to them by registering their details.

Once the personal details have been submitted, we will immediately search our existing unclaimed benefit database and email you if a possible match has occurred within 24 hours.

In addition we will retain your details and check against all new unclaimed benefit records received in the future.

UnclaimedBenefits.co.za unfortunately cannot advise or search on unclaimed benefits due from government entities where contributions were made to the GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund). Besides national and local government departments, this may also include National Defense Force and Police. However, we are able to assist with Eskom and Transnet.

If you are registered on Facebook it is also imperative to like our Fan Page (Unclaimed Benefits). In this way you will receive regular updates of new funds advising of unclaimed benefits or unpaid surplus benefits. Imagine the joy you will spread if you have a friend or family member who worked at that company and is owed monies.